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Air Compressors

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Air Compressors can be extremely expensive. Paisley’s Rental can help! We’ve got a selection of Air Compressors that can help you get the job done right and with ease. If you are looking to buy an air compressor, Paisley’s is a great way to try a model before you buy! Call 740-344-3831 today to get more information on pricing or to reserve your air compressor!

4 Hours






185 Cfm Compressor, Towable

85HP. Diesel. Operating Pressure 100PSI. Length 11.5Ft: Width 5.7Ft: Height 4.8Ft. Fuel Capacity 27 Gal.
4 Hours






1 1/2hp Elec. Air Compressor

4 Gallon Tank. 5.3 CFM. 120 PSI Max
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